Dr. Steve Onotu Arigidi

arigidi Dr. Steve Onotu Arigidi is the chief medical director at the State Specialist Hospital Sobi in Ilorin, Kwara State. For most of his career, he has worked in resource-poor communities as a public health physician with a specialization in reproductive health. During earlier years, Dr. Arigidi observed that the majority of the pregnant women attending his clinics were not receiving any form of pregnancy counseling and were not registered with a facility, thus increasing the risk of complications of prolonged and/or unattended labor.

Dr. Arigidi is driven by a commitment to promote maternal health and eradicate maternal mortality and morbidity. Dr. Arigidi is a strong advocate for partner participation during childbirth and pregnancy; he is struck by the fact that most women he has seen are required to navigate the complicated course of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood on their own.

Today, Dr. Arigidi is a key member of the HIV antiretroviral treatment team for Kwara State.  He is an integral force in formulating policies that promote safe motherhood in the state. Dr. Arigidi was trained as a fistula surgeon through Fistula Care in 2010 and, along with a team of passionate health professionals at the State Specialist Hospital Sobi, is dedicated to delivering quality care to the many women suffering from fistula in Kwara State.