Dr. Musa Mohd Birnin Tsaba

tsabaDr. Musa Mohd Birnin Tsaba developed an interest in maternal health care after witnessing many young, pregnant women abandoned by their partners and left to experience pregnancy and childbirth on their own. After graduating from university, Dr. Birnin Tsaba used his time in the National Youth Service Corps to organize awareness teams to visit villages and teach people about practicing safe and effective health care. After his service, he was appointed to a post at the Farida VVF Center in Zamfara State, where he presently works as a medical officer.

In 2011, Dr. Birnin Tsaba was trained in fistula repair under the mentorship of Dr. Saad Idris and the Fistula Care project. Dr. Birnin Tsaba has demonstrated a long-term commitment to fistula care and continues to work tirelessly to ensure that women with fistula can benefit from his services for years to come.