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USAID Global Health eLearning Center
The Global Health eLearning Center offers a menu of courses that learners can use to expand their knowledge in key public health areas, and to access important up-to-date technical information that USAID public health professionals should know.

Implementing Best Practices Initiative (IBP) Knowledge Gateway
The IBP Initiative has adapted a web-based technology to promote a concept of collaborative learning and knowledge sharing. The Electronic Communication System encourages country-to-country and in-country transfer and exchange of information. Through the IBP system, the wider reproductive health community becomes within easy (virtual) reach for effective communication exchange.

Report to Congress: Health-Related Research and Development Activities at USAID; An Update on the Five-Year Strategy, 2006-2010 (PDF, 447KB)
In 2006, USAID outlined its five-year health research strategy: Report to Congress: Health-Related Research and Development Activities at USAID, May 2006. In 2008, USAID provided the first progress report, and this current report provides a further update on progress under this strategy for using research funds to stimulate the development and introduction of key products. The activities highlighted in this document represent approximately 80 percent ($152 million) of the total amount USAID used in 2009 for the main areas of research on product development and introduction.