Surgical Repair & Rehabilitation

Nigeria_providersFistula is life-shattering: Women contend with chronic incontinence and often are ostracized by their husbands, families, and communities. The good news is that fistula can be completely repaired up to 90% of the time if fistula survivors have access to a trained surgeon at a hospital providing fistula repair.

Fistula Care Plus is working to train surgeons for fistula repair in some of the communities where their services are most needed. The project equips hospitals and supports them to do fistula repairs. It also helps them to use data about their surgical outcomes to improve the quality of their services.

Beyond surgical repair, Fistula Care Plus supports comprehensive counseling and physiotherapy, as needed, as well as treatment of concurrent disabilities. When repaired women leave a health facility, Fistula Care Plus links them to community-based organizations that support their reintegration back into their community.