Client Education Tools

Global Materials

  • Family Planning for Women and Couples Following Fistula Care (English, PDF, 949 KB; French, PDF, 1 MB).
    This booklet provides clients with information about family planning methods for couples following a woman’s fistula repair.
  • Digital Stories Facilitator’s Guide (English, PDF, 2.89 MB; French, PDF, 2.76 MB)
    This guide serves as a companion to the “Learn From My Story” series. In order to help people to listen to and use the stories, a facilitator’s guide was created and includes: the text of each woman’s story, discussion questions tailored to each woman’s story, and key messages for facilitators to convey. The intended use of the guide is with three main audiences: health care providers, women with fistula, and community members.

Materials from Bangladesh

Materials from Guinea

Materials from Ethiopia

Materials from Niger

  • Maternal health picture books developed by the Fistula Eradication Network (Reseau pour l’Eradication de la Fistule–REF) in Niger:
    • Book 1 (French, PDF, 1,378 KB)
    • Book 2 (French/Hausa/Kiswahili, 678 KB)

Materials from Sierra Leone

  • Aberdeen Women’s Centre brochure front (English, PNG image, 4.08 MB)
  • Aberdeen Women’s Centre brochure back (English, PNG image, 3.83 MB)

Materials from Uganda