Dr. Mansur Dada

dada Dr. Mansur Mustapha Dada is the chief medical officer at the General Hospital Ningi in Bauchi State. He got his start in fistula care after participating in the first pooled effort for fistula surgery organized by EngenderHealth, where he witnessed firsthand the suffering of women who had lived with fistula for many years. Listening to the patients who shared their experiences, particularly the stigma and dejection they suffered, Dr. Dada became committed to the cause of fistula care.

Dr. Dada is passionate about helping women with fistula overcome stigma, depression, and the psychological trauma associated with fistula. He describes the joy he feels every time a fistula patient undergoes surgery and regains her dignity. Dr. Dada is committed to providing fistula care in partnership with the Fistula Care Project, to put smiles back onto the faces of women who have suffered from fistula.