WHO Releases new Guidelines on Short-Duration Catheterization Following Simple Fistula Surgery

New WHO Guidelines on Short-duration Catheterization Following Simple Obstetric Fistula Surgery In April of 2015, WHO and the USAID-funded Fistula Care Plus project at EngenderHealth published results in The Lancet from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) on short-duration catheterization following fistula repair. The large-scale study demonstrated that short-duration bladder catheterization of 7 days post-repair was both […]

Maternal Health Priorities from the Perspectives of Researchers

Last month, the Maternal Health Task Force released a new working paper Critical Maternal Health Knowledge Gaps in Low- and Middle-Income Countries for Post-2015: Researchers’ Perspectives. We encourage you to read the paper and think about how these recommendations can shape the landscape for maternal health research, including into maternal morbidities and fistula, over the next few years.