MHTF Blog [Part 3] Obstetric Fistula: Innovative Interventions and the Way Forward

Originally posted on MHTF blog.  By: Kayla McGowan, Project Coordinator, Women and Health Initiative, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Sarah Hodin, Project Coordinator II, Women and Health Initiative, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Read [Part 1] Obstetric Fistula: A Global Maternal Health Challenge>> Read [Part 2] Obstetric Fistula: Women’s Voices>>   […]

Role Models for Change at Women Deliver—and within EngenderHealth!

On Monday, May 14, more than 5,000 world leaders, activists, researchers, private-sector representatives, and other global stakeholders will arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the 4th Women Deliver conference. Women Deliver 2016 is set to be the largest conference on the health, rights, and well-being of girls in the last decade. The focus of this year’s conference—how […]

No Ceilings Report

In March, No Ceilings: The Full Participation Report, a joint effort from the Clinton Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was released. The report details both the gains made in gender equality since the UN Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 as well as obstacles that limit the full participation of women and girls all over the world. The report highlights obstetric fistula as a maternal morbidity that could be prevented with greater access to health care including family planning.

Maternal Health Priorities from the Perspectives of Researchers

Last month, the Maternal Health Task Force released a new working paper Critical Maternal Health Knowledge Gaps in Low- and Middle-Income Countries for Post-2015: Researchers’ Perspectives. We encourage you to read the paper and think about how these recommendations can shape the landscape for maternal health research, including into maternal morbidities and fistula, over the next few years.