Data for Decision Making

The field of obstetric fistula has historically lacked common definitions and data for measuring needs and outcomes. The USAID-funded, EngenderHealth-led projects Fistula Care and Fistula Care Plus have undertaken collaborative indicator development, introduced standardized data collection at health facilities, and promoted the integration of fistula indicators into national health management information systems (HMIS) to enable continued measurement and support for fistula treatment services. In keeping with its commitment to quality improvement, Fistula Care Plus also works to promote the use of data for decision making at the health care facility, within local governance and at the national level.

It’s all about the women!

It’s all about the women! Support for Togolese Women from a Myriad of Partners
One of the greatest pleasures of my work as director of the FC+ project is to recognize that amidst so many world challenges, there are individuals and groups who care deeply about women, their reproductive health, and their future. Today as I write this message, Dr. Kindy Diallo, an eminent and highly skilled surgeon from Guinea, a country racked by Ebola in some parts, is in Sokodé, Togo working in partnership with Togolese surgeons, providing life-changing surgery to 100 women with obstetric fistula.