Christina After living with fistula for 10 years, Christina received a successful repair surgery, as well as family planning counseling. In the middle of May 2011, Christina delivered her first child by cesarean section.
Fausa Fausta went to four hospitals over the course of nearly 20 years in search of a successful fistula repair surgery.
 Doreen Doreen dreams of having her fistula fully cured so that she can return to her village and finish school.
Photo of Airati It was only when the oldest of her five children was 17 that Airati had surgery to heal her leaking.
Photo of Jane Jane developed fistula after laboring for five hours in a public hospital without receiving any medical attention.
Edisa Edisa lost her parents, grandmother, husband, and baby, enduring searing leg pain and leaking urine until her fistula was completely healed.
Photo of Federesi In 2007, the ACQUIRE Project and the Center for Digital Storytelling brought together fistula survivors to record their stories in their own words. Hear Federesi tell her story though song, pictures, and narration, along with many others, in the Digital Stories.
Photo of Sifa One of the women who shares her journey in the Digital Stories is Sifa, profiled here in the EngenderHealth 2007 annual report. (PDF, 637KB)